Ottawa Lawyers Representing People In Ontario And Abroad

Daniels Law Firm is located in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. With a full range of solicitor, barrister and notary services, the firm is able to assist clients with their legal needs.

The firm is committed to helping people through its client-centered approach. The lawyers work directly with every single client and provide services best suited for that individual client's needs. By doing so the law firm offers effective, personal, superior legal services.

  • The firm assists family law clients who are entering a relationship and wanting to draft documents to that effect; as well as those going through a separation and divorce.
  • The firm assists those who want to draft will and power of attorney documents as well as those who need to probate the estate of a loved one.
  • Those who have found themselves injured can also rely on the firm to represent them in their personal injury litigation.
  • Everyone who wishes to visit or move to Canada temporarily or permanently can rely on the firm for all of his or her immigration-related needs.
  • The firm provides notary services by commissioning oaths and notarizing all types of documents.

The people at Daniels Law Firm approach all clients with an individual focus on their practical needs, and use their experience and skill to resolve their legal issues.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Daniels Law Firm therefore offers services in several key areas, including:

Although located in Ottawa, the firm's practice has a broad reach. In particular, the firm assists non-Canadians with immigration issues, regardless of where in Canada they intend to reside.

Representation In Litigation And ADR Forums

Firm counsel Angela Daniels is a skilled litigator, able and willing to advance her clients' claims in court. Consistently focused on what is best for her clients, she does not recommend settling a claim when it is not in the client's best interest.

Angela is also an informed and experienced advocate in alternative dispute resolution, as well as mediation, which some clients prefer over an adversarial court process. In addition to her legal practice in this area, Angela participated in an intensive ADR program at the University of Ottawa, where she received her legal training.

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Daniels Law Firm is a reliable resource for legal information and advocacy in Ottawa. For family law, estates, immigration, personal injury or notary services, contact the firm to schedule a consultation. Call 613-867-6871 in Ottawa or 800-491-9279 toll free or contact the firm online.