Principal Lawyer

Angela Daniels, the founder of Daniels Law Firm, has been an Ottawa lawyer for nearly a decade. She came to the practice of law after extensive community service work and maintains an ongoing commitment to legal education. As a way to give back, she serves as a mentor to current Carleton University law students and supports a number of charities. She is also a member of The Canadian Free Wills Network.

As a general service practitioner, Ms. Daniels has a broad skill set that includes courtroom advocacy, barrister and solicitor's work. She is also a Comissioner of Oaths, authorized in verifying affidavits.

A Commitment To The Clients' Needs And Goals

At Daniels Law Firm, doing what is right for clients is the highest priority. That means exploring every avenue to help the client reach a positive outcome. She firmly believes in not settling a case too early if that will not benefit her client. She also understands when a venue for alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, may be in a client's best interest.

The firm's reach is international, serving people outside of Canada who seek immigration options. Daniels Law Firm has agents in various countries such as Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Georgia and also the city of Dubai among other places.

In addition to immigration clients, the firm also assists clients who reside in other jurisdictions but have a legal matter before an Ontario court.


Recipient of King McShane Award in Civil Liberties in 1999

Recipient of Top Choice Award in 2016 for Best Immigration Services in Ottawa.

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