Protecting yourself and your privacy during your divorce

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During a divorce, people can learn intimate details of your life you would have rather kept private. You might also feel vulnerable when you move to a new place or are living on your own.

Getting a divorce is undoubtedly a disruptive experience, but you should not feel like your privacy or your safety are at risk of being violated because of it. You can take precautions to protect yourself.

Assessing your online accounts

We divulge an enormous amount of information about ourselves online through social media, emails and even online dating platforms. 

You can protect this data by conducting an audit of these accounts. Are they set to private? Are there incriminating photos or statements that you should take down or refrain from posting? Could others have access to your accounts? 

Changing your login passwords, privacy settings and behaviours online can all be crucial in keeping your private life just that during a divorce.

Updating smart home devices

Whether you move into a new home or stay in your matrimonial home, you do not want unwelcome visitors – including your ex – invading that space without your permission. This invasion could happen when someone walks in your front door or when they watch or listen to you through a smart home device.

Thus, be sure you update any security or smart home devices accordingly. Ensure no other users are allowed to access them, and do not forget to change your passwords.

You might also consider getting a video doorbell if you want to see who is at your door without having to speak to them face-to-face.

Seeking legal protections

Several legal tools can protect people and information during a divorce.

If you are worried about your safety, talk to your lawyer about getting a restraining order against your ex or another threatening party. 

If privacy is your concern, pursuing confidential dispute resolutions methods like mediation or arbitration can be the best solution. Other options, such as sanitizing court files or having the courts seal them, could also be possible, though the legal tests parties must meet for these can be quite difficult to overcome.

Prioritize your privacy during a tumultuous time

Again, divorce can be a disruptive experience. However, with these tips, you can regain better control over other people’s access to you and your private information.