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Building Families Through Adoption And Surrogacy

More and more frequently in Canada, people are choosing nontraditional means to build their families. The options of adoption, fertility treatments and surrogacy are exciting possibilities for potential parents. They also come with specific legal issues, such as conforming to the federal Assisted Human Reproduction Act. The lawyers at Daniels Law Firm can guide you through the legal concerns that come with these parenting options and provide the legal tools to make the processes run smoothly.

Starting New Relationships

Prenuptial agreements, called marriage contracts or cohabitation agreements in Ontario, are increasingly common and specifically provided for in the Family Law Act. These are options for people who are in a committed relationship: planning to wed, already married, or living together as common-law spouses. The provisions of such contracts can establish how a couple will arrange its affairs while they are together and how property will be divided if they split up.

Separation And Divorce

Daniels Law Firm represents clients who are seeking to separate from their spouse or to finalize a divorce. The firm stands by clients through all aspects of their relationship dissolution: from negotiating child custody, co-parenting and access arrangements, to spousal support and property division. The firm successfully navigates all manner of divorce cases, from highly contentious separations that require court intervention to spouses who can work out the details of their separation on an amicable basis.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Final agreements or final court orders sometimes have to be revisited. In particular, when children are involved, parents will have to renegotiate child support, parenting-time arrangements and decision-making authority as the children grow and family circumstances change. Daniels Law Firm can help you with all aspects of modifications, including those that can be negotiated and those that require judicial intervention.

The Hague Convention

The Hague Convention is an international treaty to which Canada is a signatory. Its full title is the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. It provides for the return of children to the jurisdiction in which they are normally resident to resolve custody issues there. This treaty is part of Ontario law as its provisions are adopted as section 46 of the Children’s Law Reform Act. Daniels Law Firm can provide representation in circumstances that involve The Hague Convention.

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