The Benefits Of Marital And Cohabitation Agreements

The Family Law Act in Ontario specifically provides for marriage and cohabitation agreements, entered into by couples in committed relationships. These contracts can function as prenuptial agreements and determine how property is divided in the event of separation or divorce. It also gives couples a way to organize their affairs while they are living together.

Couples who engage in the processes of sperm donation and surrogacy also require legal contracts, consistent with Ontario’s Family Law Act and case law, to protect the interests of everyone involved.

Lawyers at Daniels Law Firm in Ottawa will draft a domestic contract that is right for your ongoing committed relationship. The firm also advises and drafts other agreements that address important issues and rights in family law.

Contents Of A Domestic Contract

A marriage contract is entered into by a legally married couple, either before their marriage or after their nuptials. A cohabitation agreement is entered into by a couple in a common-law relationship. If a couple in a common-law relationship marries, their cohabitation agreement automatically becomes a marriage contract, unless they choose to negotiate a new contract.

Through marriage contracts or cohabitation agreements, spouses can decide upon each one’s respective rights and responsibilities during the relationship. Although this cannot include agreement about child custody or support, they can include a wide scope of personal and economic topics. This can include property division or support obligations toward one another in the event of breakup and how finances will be handled during the relationship.

Although custody arrangements may not form part of a marriage contract, the education and moral direction of children can be negotiated. Couples may agree, for example, to raise the children in a particular religious faith or insist on specific schooling.

Daniels Law Firm can draft marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements as well as provide Independent Legal Advice on existing agreements.

Surrogacy Contracts And Sperm Donor Agreements

Daniels Law Firm drafts surrogacy contracts and sperm donor agreements. These contracts are designed to protect the rights of everyone involved. A surrogacy contract might include language that precludes the surrogate from claiming parental rights after the baby is born. A sperm donor agreement might similarly protect the donor from child support claims or guardianship responsibility at any point in the child’s life.

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