Determining Parenting Time And Custody

One of the most stressful aspects of any divorce for most parents is child custody and access. Having the ability to make decisions for children and deciding which parent the child will live with can cause many divorces to become more heated.

At Daniels Law Firm of Ottawa, you will work with lawyers who have experience negotiating parenting plans and custody agreements. Lawyer Angela Daniels is an experienced litigator who can effectively protect clients’ rights in court and in alternative dispute resolution settings like mediation.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Children

When determining custody plans, courts will look at the stability of each parent’s living situation, each parent’s ability to provide the care the child needs and if each parent will stand in the way of the child developing a relationship with the other parent.

It is usually better for everyone involved if parents can work out an amicable solution through either a Parenting Agreement or a Separation Agreement. This will allow parents to remain in control of the process. You will have to continue to co-parent in most cases, making decisions on education, health care and other needs. Working out a settlement will provide a strong foundation for the years ahead.

In situations when the parents are unable to reach an agreement, Angela Daniels is able to represent clients in court to advance their access, support or custody interests. Matters dealt with through a Separation Agreement or a Parenting Agreement will then be dealt with in court. Items such as decision making, vacations, school holidays, extraordinary expenses, and day care costs will all be dealt with before a judge and the judge will make a final ruling.

In addition to helping clients obtain a final order for custody, support or access, Angela Daniels also has extensive experience with modifications of custody arrangements when circumstances change, such as parental relocation or decrease in a payor’s salary.

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