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Navigating a separation or divorce is difficult. The complicated nature of child support and spousal issues can make things harder. At Daniels Law Firm, we recognize how stressful the situation can be and endeavour to help ease the burden.

We have over a decade of experience helping couples and families work through a range of support options to find a solution that best suits their needs. We recognize that no two cases are the same and are committed to taking a personalized approach every time.

Protecting Children, Assisting Parents

When parents end their relationship, they prioritize the best interest of their children. In Canada, parents have an obligation to support their children, regardless of their martial status and could be required to pay child support to ensure that a child is provided for.

Regardless of how amicable a divorce may be, getting advice from an experienced family lawyer is important when working on a child support aagreements. At Daniels Law Firm, we provide our clients with assistance with a range of issues such as:

  • Understanding the Federal Child Support Guidelines
  • Determining how to calculate a child support amount
  • Clarifying expectations, rights, and legal obligations
  • Assisting with documents and court appearances if necessary

Providing A Clear Guide To Spousal Support

In Ontario, a relationship is considered a financial partnership. When a marriage or common-law relationship ends, one spouse may be required to provide the other with spousal support payments depending on several determining factors.

The province’s Suggested Spousal Support Guidelines provide a general framework in an advisory context but it is important to note that when it comes to determining spousal support, there are a range of points to consider including:

  • The duration of the marriage or relationship
  • Each spouse’s income
  • The health and age of both spouses
  • The financial state of both spouses
  • Each spouse’s ability to support themselves
  • The standard of living throughout the duration of the partnership

Given the degree to which spousal support can vary, it is critical to get experienced help at the outset. At Daniels Law Firm, we have extensive experience helping couples work through spousal support issues and are dedicated to helping you find a practical solution.

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