Collaborative Family Law As A Means Of Avoiding Contention

Litigation of family law matters can be costly, time-consuming and rancorous. While working through a family law situation, no one wishes to see any unnecessary waste of time or expense. For these reasons, the collaborative family law practice is becoming an increasingly popular means to avoid litigation.

At Daniels Law Firm, in Ottawa, we will help you decide whether the collaborative process is right for you. We will do what is necessary to resolve your family’s concerns during the collaborative process. Lawyer Angela Daniels will discuss your needs and wishes and guide you toward the best possible resolution.

What Does Family Law Collaboration Process Entail?

The collaborative process is a respectful and inter-disciplinarian proceeding. The proceedings allows for you to negotiate in meetings with both lawyer present. Also in attendance are a neutral family professional and a neutral financial professional. Generally, you will be able to resolve all issues in as little as three team meetings.

The Assistance Of A Financial Professional

The neutral financial professional will work with you and other parties to streamline the exchange and sharing of financial information. The services of this professional will reduce costs in that the rates of this financial neutral will be significantly less than that of a lawyer. Also, there is a sharing of the costs between parties. You will also benefit from the efficiency and expertise that comes with having a financial professional involved.

The Assistance Of A Family Professional

It is common to involve a Family Professional (social worker) in the collaborative process. Such an individual will work independently with parties outside of team meetings and at a shared cost. Whether your family law matter concerns fear, anger, or lack of self-esteem, the Family Professional will help manage the emotional component of the collaborative process. The Family Professional focuses upon the future rather than the past in locating suitable resolutions. The neutral family professional will also help you navigate the separation process and if you have children, help you negotiate a workable parenting plan.

The Long-Term Benefits Of The Collaborative Process

Participating in the collaborative process allows a dignified closure to a relationship. It can help each spouse gain an appreciation for each other. Practising constructive and respectful conflict management lessons carries over into post-separation communications.

Children will also benefit when parties agree to a process and approach that diffuses conflict. It will allow each parent to share concerning milestones and future celebrations involving their children.

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