Professional And Personalized Mediation Services

Mediation is a process where the mediator strives to bring two opposing parties together to resolve their matter. The focus is on negotiating a beneficial settlement of a legal dispute for each party.

Lawyer Angela Daniels regularly works with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds. Her clients include professionals, business owners, business investors and other individuals. She regularly provides legal services in family, immigration, litigation, wills and estate concerns.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediation often results in a win-win resolution. It is, in most circumstances, a less expensive and time-consuming method than litigation. Mediation also provides you with much greater control of the process.

The process allows you to communicate with your spouse or another party through the facilitation of a mediator. It provides you the opportunity to work out your differences in a safe location. Mediation also allows for you to voice your concerns in a manner not available in a court of law. The mediation process encourages sharing information regarding accounts, finances, assets and debts in a nonpublic setting.

A mediation session will take place at a time convenient for you. Mediation also allows you to resolve less critical issues more quickly and focus upon the ones most important to you.

The Three Types Of Mediation

The types of mediation services that we provide atDaniels Law Firm, in Ottawa, include:

  • Facilitative: The mediator will actively guide the parties toward a resolution in this process. The mediator may ask questions during the session to discover what is in each party’s best interest. While the mediator will not express expert opinions on the case, they may offer options. Ultimately, the parties will provide the final suggestions for a resolution.
  • Evaluative: By helping parties assess their case’s weaknesses and strengths, the mediator will then use such information to help the parties reach an agreement. The mediator might recommend a settlement proposal. The mediator may also resolve the issue by providing an opinion on how courts would likely rule.
  • Transformative: This form of mediation does not focus upon immediate resolution. The focus is on discovering and defining the issues involved in the legal matter and encouraging each party to see it from differing points of view. Transformative mediation also looks toward fully and completely resolving these issues.

Lawyer Angela Daniels has been practising law in Ontario since 2005. Besides having extensive family law experience, she has the negotiation and listening skills to facilitate the appropriate agreement and solution.

A Mediator Serving You

To find out more about mediation in resolving legal disputes, contact our law firm by calling 613-867-6871 or toll-free at 800-491-9279.

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