Get Help Immigrating To Canada

Daniels Law Firm helps people to immigrate to Canada permanently, or to visit, work or study on a temporary basis. The firm is located in Ottawa but is able to assist applicants regardless of where in the country they intend to live.

Angela Daniels is a committed lawyer with a thriving immigration law practice, and her clients include everyday people and their family members who seek to become residents of Canada under a number of federal categories.

Professional Immigration Advice For Complex Cases

Most newcomers to Canada are legitimately confused about how immigration works, and intimidated by the thought of moving to a different country. Daniels Law Firm is committed to making the process as easy as possible.

Many of the firm’s clients have difficult, and complex, immigration applications. Sometimes, legitimate applicants face a long battle within the government system. At Daniels Law Firm, counsel work hard to exhaust all avenues of appeal for clients who require ongoing advocacy.

The firm handles temporary visa applications for people who want to visit their family in Canada. Not all visitors to Canada will require a visa. The rules are different depending on your country of origin. Daniels Law Firm will help you or your family members to satisfy government requirements for a legal visit to Canada, including biometric requirements for fingerprints and photographs.

The firm also assists business people to come to Canada to search out business opportunities. Daniels Law Firm can help you immigrate under a start-up visa program if your business is supported by local investors or as a self-employed individual with a focus on cultural activities, athletics or farming in Canada.

For many people, receiving a permanent resident card is one step closer to Canadian citizenship. Indeed, in order to become a Canadian citizen, applicants must satisfy six criteria, one of which is permanent residence status that is not in question. Daniels Law Firm can represent you if you are ready to apply for citizenship, or if you require legal representation because you are under a removal order or your permanent residence status is under review.

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If you are outside Canada, you are welcome to contact the firm online and the firm will be in touch. You can also call 613-867-6871 in Ottawa or 800-491-9279 toll free if you are in the country.