Getting Through The Probate Process

Following the death of a loved one, legal issues must be resolved. For many families, the process is overwhelming. That is why retaining lawyers at Daniels Law Firm is vital. The process involves applying for probate if the deceased had a will, (this is called certificate of appointment of estate trustee with a will) or letters of administration if there was no will (this is called certificate of appointment of estate trustee without a will).

Once an estate has an estate trustee, that individual has significant legal responsibility. Daniels Law Firm handles estate trustee applications. Additionally, the firm’s Ottawa probate lawyers advise trustees to ensure they are legally protected while they perform the detail-oriented work of administering an estate.

Duties Of Estate Trustees

Estate trustees must handle all aspects of the deceased’s estate, in accordance with the directions in the will, other testamentary documents, and legislation. They are required to meet legal obligations such as distributing estate assets to beneficiaries, cancelling subscriptions of the deceased and submitting a final tax return, among many others.

If an estate trustee does not fulfil his or her obligations, a beneficiary may challenge his or her authority. Estate litigation that ensues on this basis can be long and difficult, in particular if it involves family members battling against one another. Hiring a lawyer to assist with the estate administration processes reduces the potential for unintentional missteps by the trustee.

Full-Service Firm For Family Legal Issues

In many people’s day-to-day experience, estate issues and family law disputes are closely connected. As Daniels Law Firm maintains a broad practice that includes both of these elements, firm counsel is well-equipped to handle all complications that may arise.

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