What every parent should know before moving to Canada

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Parents come to live in Canada for numerous reasons. They seek a solid education for their children, stable political and healthcare systems, and a high standard of living. 

If you are a mother or father planning to move to Canada, there are some critical things you should know first.

Securing a visa

With some exceptions, people must have a visa to move to Canada. The visa you need will depend on where you are coming from and the reason you are moving. 

There are numerous types of visas: a start-up visa if you have plans to start a business in Canada, student visas, skilled worker visas, caregiver visas, as well as family sponsorship. Each visa has different requirements, and some are easier to secure than others are. 

Deciding where to move

Canada is an enormous country, and each province has distinct features. Unless you already know where you want to move because you have a job or family in a specific place, there are several things parents will want to consider when deciding where to live.

Some factors to consider include:

  • Cost of living 
  • Safety
  • Access to natural landscapes
  • Urban versus rural settings
  • Distance from the U.S. border
  • School ratings
  • Demographic makeup 
  • Employment rates

Researching these details can help you find the place that is right for you and your children.

Bringing your child

If you are a divorced or separated parent, you must have permission from the courts or other parties with custodial rights to move to Canada with your child. Parents should also have custody paperwork and other child-related legal documentation.

If you have any concerns or questions about the process of moving to Canada with your child after a divorce, you can consult a lawyer.

It can also be crucial to establish a support network. As exciting as it may be to move to a new country, it can also be disorienting. Parents and children can feel lost and lonely at times. Thus, having a network of friends, colleagues or family can be immensely valuable. 

Starting the next chapter of your life in Canada with your child is an incredible – albeit stressful – experience. Parents who are prepared for the journey can have an easier time making a move as simple as possible for themselves and their families.