About Daniels Law Firm

Daniels Law Firm is an Ottawa boutique law firm. Professionals at the firm include courtroom lawyers and solicitors with a practice that encompasses key areas of law that meet the needs of individuals and families in Ontario.

The firm offers a full range of legal services and options to meet legal objectives. In all areas of practice, the firm tailors an approach that is right for each individual client. For some, this means focusing on dispute resolution and negotiation; for others, it means providing assertive advocacy in front of a judge.

Regardless of the forum, the staff and lawyers at Daniels Law Firm are committed to doing what is right for all clients. This usually means strongly enforcing their rights. Daniels Law Firm never sacrifices the best interests of the clients in favour of what is quickest or easiest; in negotiation and litigation they never settle before the time is right. They always ensure clients are heard and understood.

To learn more about the firm’s principal lawyer, Angela Daniels, and her background, please click the link below to access her online profile.

Developing Client Relationships

The lawyer-client relationship is based on trust. At Daniels Law Firm, all members of the team work diligently to earn and maintain client trust. This is achieved by acting professionally and offering unique solutions for everyone the firm represents. The network of business owners, financial experts and others whom the firm retains to advise on specific cases are part of this commitment to excellence in legal representation.

International Reach For Immigration Issues

Those living abroad and who seek entry into Canada come to the firm for advice and representation. Indeed, Daniels Law Firm has the capacity to represent all members of the international community on immigration issues, regardless of where in the country they will ultimately reside.

Contact Daniels Law Firm

To schedule a consultation, contact the firm to arrange a time. Call 613-867-6871 in Ottawa or 800-491-9279 toll free or contact the firm online.