Getting Through A Divorce Or Separation

Ending a relationship is often emotionally difficult. Legally, it need not be complicated. Many people in Ontario choose to hire a lawyer because they want the separation process to be expedient, fair and allow them to move on with their lives. Practical guidance from legal counsel can help clarify the path forward.

At Daniels Law Firm, clients receive advice from an experienced divorce lawyer in Ottawa who can help you regardless of what your relationship is with your former spouse. The firm represents married and common-law couples, including those in same-sex relationships. Ultimately, firm lawyers want you to be able to close this chapter and move on.

Creating A Road Map For Separation And Divorce

For legally married couples, the first step before divorce is usually one-year separation, although other grounds to apply for a divorce are available under the Divorce Act. As a practical matter, this means a couple will have usually negotiated the important aspects of their divorce in a separation agreement before the marriage is actually dissolved.

Common-law couples do not have to apply to a court to obtain a divorce. However, they face many similar issues when their relationships end, including child support and custody. Common-law spouses do not have an automatic right to equalization, however, common-law spouses can make a property claim under a constructive trust claim.

Daniels Law Firm can help you negotiate a separation agreement with your spouse that will cover child care arrangements, custody, spousal support and property division (equalization).

After a separation agreement has been executed, the firm will obtain an uncontested divorce for clients.

After the divorce is granted by a court, or a common-law separation is finalized, some issues may have to be revisited. The firm handles those issues, one of which could be mobility, where one parent wants to move with the child to another city or country and thus affect the other parent’s access.

Representation In Contested Divorce

Sometimes, ending a relationship is not amicable. Spouses must go through ADR or the litigation process to settle matters. Firm counsel Angela Daniels is an experienced courtroom lawyer with litigation and ADR experience. Daniels Law Firm will take whatever legal steps are necessary to protect your interests and those of your children.


Daniels Law Firm helps clients to obtain an annulment. This is a legal declaration that a marriage never existed. There are specific legal grounds to apply for legal annulment and it is rare for a court to grant one in Ontario. Daniels Law Firm can discuss the possibility of annulment with you during a consultation.

Contact Daniels Law Firm

To receive a consultation about separation or marriage dissolution, contact Daniels Law Firm. Call 613-867-6871 in Ottawa or 800-491-9279 toll free in Canada or contact the firm online to arrange a time.

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