Building New Families Through Adoption

Protecting Parents’ And Children’s Rights Through Strong Agreements

There are many avenues through which parents may adopt children and build families. These include:

  • Adoption through an agency
  • Adoption through a surrogacy agreement
  • Second parent or stepparent adoption
  • Adoption through fertility treatments like sperm donation

It is important that fertility treatments comply with Canada’s Assisted Human Reproduction Act. Additionally, many of these options for adoption also prompt the need to have strong agreements in place.

It is also pivotal that parents take note of the waiting time pertaining to adoption. The time varies based on whether parents want a child locally or from a specific country, and of any age or an infant.

Stepparent adoptions, sperm donation and surrogacy adoptions all usually require someone relinquishing his or her parental rights. Sperm donors will likewise want to be protected from claims for parental responsibility or child support payments. Daniels Law Firm can draft strong agreements that protect everyone’s rights and ensure the best interests of the children are secure.

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