Crafting A Strong Estate Plan

Planning your estate and end-of-life care is important and practical. It is one of the best ways to ensure that your financial assets go to whom you choose when you pass on. It also gives you the opportunity to direct future decisions about your well-being if you ever become unable to voice your preferences.

Daniels Law Firm helps people in Ottawa and Ontario to prepare legal tools that give effect to these deeply personal issues, from asset protection to medical-decision autonomy. People who have assets all over the world often come to Daniels Law Firm to have their foreign power of attorney for property commissioned so that their overseas assets are managed according to the expressed wishes.

Estate planning is only one aspect of the firm’s wills and estates practice. Firm lawyer Angela Daniels also conducts estate litigation in the event of dispute; she is highly effective at this work because of her courtroom experience and her thriving family law practice, which often deals with related legal issues.

Full Services For Estates And Guardianship

Families come to Daniels Law Firm for a range of issues related to estates. In addition to preparation of wills and powers of attorney, the firm also prepares trusts to minimize tax burdens and protect the assets that will be passed on to loved ones. The firm also advises on advance directives, known as “living wills,” which can be used to express your wishes for medical treatment and life-saving measures in the event you are incapacitated.

Probate and estate administration is another key area of Ms. Daniels’ practice. The firm applies for probate of a will or application of letters of administration, when the deceased had no will. In addition to providing this service to clients, the firm also advises executors and administrators on their duties so they are meeting their legal responsibilities.

Estate litigation involves the resolution of disputes, through a trial process or out of court negotiation. This includes beneficiaries who want to challenge a will under Ontario law, or question the actions of an estate executor or trustee.

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